Hair Care

Everything we use, retail and recommend does a special job.  Using the right product for your haircare and styling needs can be life changing!  


L'Oreal Serioxyl is a fantastic programme designed to promote healthy hair growth,  it can be used to treat problem scalps by lifting away dead skin cells that can cause dry scalp problems and by balancing sebum production for oily scalps.  It comes in a three step shampoo, conditioner and treatment mousse kit to ensure your scalp and your hair follicles are working as efficiently as possible to deliver strong, healthy hair.  Thicker Hair, is an additional Serioxyl product that swells each strand of hair to give extra volume to fine hair and Denser Hair is a non greasy treatment for your scalp at night to boost follicle activity.  Serioxyl comes in three variants for normal, coloured and sensitized hair and is priced at £30 for the kit and £30 each for Thicker Hair and Denser Hair.

L'Oreal Source is refillable and contains 98.9% natural organic ingredients, no sulphates or paragons or artificial fragrances.  Leaves hair feeling soft and volumised.


Morrocan Oil contains highest grade argan oil to deliver shine and manageability without feeling the slightest bit greasy or heavy on the hair.  Our favourites are the original Oil, Moulding Clay and Hairspray. 


We stock Ghd styling irons, wands and dryers.