Hair loss, wigs and extensions

Losing hair can be a very worrying and emotional time.  There are many types and causes of hair loss, some temporary and some permanent.  It is important to diagnose and treat the problem where possible to reduce further loss.  An examination of the scalp and a consultation take place and then strategies can be put in place to improve new growth.  


If you are experiencing excess shedding some of the things to consider are:


  • General health

  • Medication

  • Nutrition

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Post pregnancy

  • Weight changes

  • Contraception

  • Thyroid

  • Anaemia


Hair is non vital tissue and the last thing on the list when it comes to vitamins and minerals and therefore the first thing on the list when it comes to showing signs of degeneration.


Free consultations are available in our private treatment room.  Using the Nioscope, a highly magnified image of your hair follicles can be accessed to ascertain scalp health and to monitor new hair growth.  Scalp dermabrasion treatments are available to keep hair follicles clear to promote healthy new hair growth.


Treatments available are Nioxin,  Serioxyl and Philip Kingsley Hair Spa.  All treatments are highly effective with results in as little as three months.


Hair Extensions can be used to add volume in some cases.  Hair wefts that stay in place for up to eight weeks can be applied.  Wigs can be sourced and personalised.  Hair pieces can be fitted.....lots of options and lots of choice.


Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy... Philip Kingsley started his career and his Green Street clinic in London's Mayfair back in 1968.  His most famous and enduring product is Elasticizer which was formulated especially for Audrey Hepburn and remains a celebrity favourite.  The treatment can be combined with a scalp treatment in salon or used on its own at home.  His latest product is the culmination of 7 years work and is the retail solution for people who have had enough of fine or thinning hair....the three phase approach includes a spray for the hair, a serum for the scalp and vitamin and mineral tablets to ensure the problem is tackled at every level.  

My New Hair

My New Hair by salons that care.


My New Hair is an independent national registered charity that provides training and education for hairdressers to enable them to offer the best possible standard of care for people suffering from medical hair loss.    Visit for lots of helpful advice.


Since training with Sir Trevor Sorbie (the founder of My New Hair) in 2010 Rowan has been able to help many people to regain  confidence at a time of difficulty.  Hair that looks natural and attrtactive is psychological medicine.  A private, confidential consultation to find the right wig to suit your face shape, life style and to help you look like your old self can be a real turning point.  


Rowan has lots of helpful advice and styling tips that can make a real difference to how you feel.  

Great Lengths Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are applied using the cold fusion technique, no heat and no glue!  Sourced from the finest 100 per cent remy fair trade hair the extensions are uniquely processed to provide a wide range of natual and fashion colours, including dip dye (colour flow) while maintaining excellent condition.  The extensions last up to five months.  They can be used to add length or volume to give fine hair a boost.  Popular for bridal hair to help you achieve the look you crave for your special day.


Consultations are free.